How to Install Caprica Self-hosted region on Ubuntu Linux 18-20

Instructions for Linux Ubuntu 18-20


Instructions for Linux Ubuntu 18-20
For support, please follow this link:

Important points.

It is advisable to raise the server to a VPS of one of the hosters.
All listed ports must be accessible from the outside
If the server goes up on a home computer, you must have a static IP. It
must be accessible from the external network.
Access from some grids is permanently blocked on Caprica (see website).
You can get help with server settings from Caprica Hypergrid support.

Register your Avatar here:

In your operation sistem:
sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install git
sudo apt install screen
sudo apt install mono-complete
sudo ufw allow 9000,8003,8002 (+ port of your region)
cd /opt
git clone

Step 1.
Open /opt/capricaregion/bin/Regions/Regions.ini
Please, check the Map first, before enter region location!
Change Region name, RegionUUID, Location, SizeX;Y, InternalPort and ExternalHostName to your values.
To generate a UUID for your region, use the Gridlist UUID generator:
Save and exit

Step 2.  (optional!)
Open /opt/capricaregion/bin/config-include/GridCommon.ini
[DatabaseService] Select your preferred database server. By default, Caprica Hypergrid regions use the MySQL database server. Create a MySQL database, and provide a username and password in this config file.
Save and exit

Step 3   (optional!)
Open  /opt/capricaregion/bin/OpenSim.ini
in line 48 find  http_listener_port and port number, and change it to your port number. Don't forget, this port must be accessible and not blocked by a firewall.
Save and exit

Step 4
Make sure that ports 9000, 8003, 8002, the port you specified in OpenSim.ini configuration file and the port of your region are accessible from outside.
Make sure the settings specified in the "hosts" file are correct:   localhost
[your external IP]   localhost

Step 5
cd /opt/capricaregion/bin/
screen -S [name of your region]   ;screen -S myregion (for example).

mono OpenSim.exe

Enter the Estate name.
Enter the first and second name of your avatar registered with Caprica Hypergrid.
Wait for the message "Login enabled" in the terminal.
If you encounter error messages while starting your region, check your settings carefully again.
To exit the "Screen" session, use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+A+D. Instance launched in this "Screen" session will continue to work.
To open the session again, enter the command 'screen -d -r [name of your region]'
Use the help by entering the command 'man screen'

Step 6 (for third party clients)
Add the CapricaHypergrid address to your client's grid list as shown in step 2 of this tutorial:

Step 7
Login to Caprica with your avatar and find your region on the map by entering your region name. Teleport and make additional settings if desired.

Step 8
Enjoy your Virtual World!